(Mediation, Mediation Advocacy, Negotiation, Conflict Management, & Conflict Resolution Consultancy)

One of the major drivers of company policy today is the need for effective corporate governance as a means for achieving sustainable economic, social and environmental performance. An emerging trend in global best practices in governance is the use of Mediation as a key method of resolving and managing disputes and conflicts.

Major incentives for choosing Mediation as a dispute resolution method of choice include reputation assurance, privacy and confidentiality, promotion of goodwill, preservation of business and personal relationships and effective cost containment. We counsel Clients and work closely with them to secure these incentives, appropriately. Our philosophy is that Mediation should not be compromise, merely for the sake of compromise; we demonstrate skilfully that instead, mediation can be the basis of an effective strategy to secure corporate objectives, quickly, efficiently and relatively inexpensively and, importantly, without sacrificing a sense of justice.

When we are not acting as Mediators, we represent Clients as Mediation Advocates, guiding them to achieve the best results possible through skilful negotiation, effective resolution counselling, bridge building and prudent conflict resolution management. Our objective at all times has been to ensure optimum benefit to our client in a mutually satisfying settlement.

We have established a provable track record of success in facilitating resolution of our Clients’ disputes and conflicts in their commercial transactions and joint ventures with other private companies and corporate organizations, as well as in their disputes and conflicts with governmental and regulatory authorities and institutions.

Our policy, always, is to work with the Client to determine the Appropriate Dispute Resolution method, (our approach to “ADR”, borrowing the words of a notable author). In this regard, the Firm’s strength has been demonstrated over and again in its ability to initiate or support innovative “out-of-the-box” solutions that are specifically structured and adapted to meet Clients’ individual needs and peculiar circumstances.